Knights and Bikes is an action-adventure game developed by Foam Sword. The game's creators Rex Crowle (Tearaway, LittleBigPlanet) and Moo Yo (LittleBigPlanet, Rachet & Clank) designed the game taking inspiration from other games such as Earthbound and Secret of Mana. The game was Kickstarter funded in March of 2016 and is expected to release in 2018 on Steam. The actual date however has not yet been announced. 


Players will explore an island on foot and on bikes, find treasure, battle through "dungeon" areas, rescue islanders and upgrade their gear in the town hub.

  • Local Co-Op - Play through the entire game alone with AI helpers controlling the other characters in your party or have a friend join you on this mysterious adventure.
  • Explore - Jump on your bike and ride through the ominous wilderness areas of the island following the ever trusty beak of Captain Honkers.
  • Treasure - Trade collected treasure to acquire new abilities as well as upgrading those you already have by employing the various odd abilities of rescued islanders.
  • Quests - Complete the noble requests of the islanders to win their favor by rescuing loved ones, finding ancient relics, and solving puzzling mysteries.
  • Battle - Keep an eye on your health as you fight your way through treacherous dungeons using your improvised arsenal. Execute your combat abilities against possessed creatures to free them from their violent spiritual possession.





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